Use the links below to access our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Sales statistics by year, for prior years, and by quarter or month for the current year.  MLS Statistics include Median Sales Price, Sales Volume, and Number of Sales for the specified timeframes as well as in comparison to the prior year.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you would like additional data.

MLS Stats Feb 2016

MLS Stats 2nd Quarter 2015

MLS Stats 1St Quarter 2015


MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2014

MLS Stats 3rd Quarter 2014

MLS Stats 2nd Quarter 2014

MLS Stats 1St Quarter 2014


MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2013 

MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2012


MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2011 

MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2010

MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2009 

MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2008 

MLS Stats 4th Quarter 2007